Abacus Productions, Inc.

About Abacus Productions

Abacus Productions, Inc. is a database consulting firm founded in 1980.  We have more than 30 years experience in the design and implementation of customized network applications.  Abacus specializes in building Windows-based systems that access data in all popular SQL databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server, Firebird, and MySQL.  

Abacus has provided extensive services for the entertainment, direct marketing, financial, and health care industries, and has completed projects for such organizations as Mutual of Omaha, Marist College, Sara Lee, March of Dimes, and Coach Leather.

We are the developers of the PackMan Tracking Software™ resource-tracking system, used to fulfill the needs of companies challenged with providing services for live events in the audio/visual industry.  These businesses typically own a large amount of equipment, and they need to ship it and deploy it in a wide variety of locations on a hectic schedule. The software allows them to keep track of all their gear, the events where that gear is used, as well as the people needed to pack, configure, and operate it.